Listening to the voice of the soul

We say so glibly that we know ourselves. In reality, saying this is being naïve. It’s like saying we know the depths and breadth of the ocean.

We are beings of exquisite complexity. Psychiatrists have explained the different layers that make up the “I am.” In my understanding, we’re hybrid beings. In other words, we’re made from at least four different types of components. We have an animal or instinctual element that has needs for survival such as food, sex, and security. We’re also partly computer with a previously installed program that we know as personality, which manages us and determines our way of thinking and what we’ll do at every moment. On top of that, we have a special kind of stepmother who judges us and tell us if we’re acting right or wrong.

Finally, we find the soul or our essence. Your soul defines you as a unique being.Almost everyone is being overwhelmed by the computer and its demands as well as by the stepmother and her requirements, and by their instinctual part and its wishes. That’s why it’s challenging to distinguish the intentions of our soul. It’s like being in the middle of a rock concert with music so loud that you can barely hear your own voice.

Note that listening only to our instinctual part will give us immediate pleasure and satisfaction, but it will be short lived. For example, when we’re hungry and we eat, we feel satisfied for a while until our stomach is empty again.

Our computer, also known as ego or mind, will promise us eternal happiness if we comply with its wishes, but, in reality, it will keep on conditioning us to its whims. If we’re lucky, we’ll feel moments of satisfaction that mostly will last only as long as a drug high. For example, my ego might promise that if I buy that beautiful car, jewelry, yacht, house, etc., I’ll be happy. But I know that’s not true.

How many rich and famous people commit suicide?Only the soul will provide you long-lasting happiness if you listen.I’m not saying all these aspects of us are wrong. In fact, the stepmom is often needed, just as I am needed when it’s time for my eleven-year-old daughter to take a shower. Our stepmom helps us deal with responsibilities to ourselves and others in society.

My intention today is that we learn to get to know the different voices and learn to discern them, so that we can make wiser decisions that can provide us with long lasting happiness.That’s why meditation is essential in our everyday lives.


Imagine you’re in a small boat in the middle of the ocean, and water is all around you. You’ll need a compass to get to the right destination Your compass will be the voice of your soul.

To get in touch with your compass, find a space where you won’t be disturbed. Sit down and take five deep breaths. At the end of your breathing, ask yourself a few questions.

Here’s a vital TIP. The instinctual part of us needs for its survival. The personality wants and demands, the stepmom blames, and the soul longs for.

Ask yourself:

“In this moment, what is the instinctual part of me needing for its proper functioning?” Repeat this question to yourself as many times as necessary until you get a clear answer.

“In this moment, what are demands and wishes from my personality?”

We’ll skip the stepmom for the moment.

“In this moment, what am I longing for?”

As an example, a type “A” personality wants you to place everything in order, the stepmom tells you, you are being lazy, and unorganized, but when you ask your soul, your realize that your soul is longing for self-approval; that only you can give yourself. You might then, decide to lower your cleaning standards, and aim for self-approval, which will make you feel accepted.

Notice that it’s not that easy. Perhaps you’ll find yourself repeating these questions 15 times. That’s okay. We’re not used to questioning ourselves. With some practice and discipline, you’ll lead a more satisfying life.

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