One thing to be afraid of

The famous Mexican artist and diva in the 1940s, Maria Felix, eloquently said something like, “I am not afraid of getting gray hair, or wrinkles, but only of losing interest in living life. I am not afraid of years falling on me, but of me falling on my own.”

I love life, and through this blog, I wish to spread this love I feel for life and make it

contagious so that you drop what you’re doing and just want to dance and celebrate that you’re alive. Life is precious, and one day it will end. As a spiritual person, I know there’s work to do and lessons to learn, but I also know that one of the main lessons is to love life and live it fully and consciously.

I believe this millennial generation is more advanced than previous generations in many ways. For example, we make our children sleep at proper times, we encourage the use of seat belts, we don’t smoke in front of them, we don’t hit them as punishment, we worry about their wellbeing and mental health, and so on. However, this generation is also struggling with taking this temporary life so seriously as if it could last forever, and there are consequences to seeing it this way.

This generation strives to be perfect parents and perfect spouses with tidy houses. We hold money tight to feel safe or else overspend to fill our emptiness, we keep our job secure even if we don’t like it, and we place our needs last to avoid feeling that terrible weight of guilt. We feel guilty for bringing our kids late to school, for not sending them the best meals, for not helping them with their homework, and for having fun on our own.

Guilt is felt for even having the slightest thought of taking a vacation on our own, spending on a beautiful dress, going out for dinner on our own, spending an evening with our friends, or wishing a different life, partner, or job. Instead, we’re burnt out and struggling with insomnia, anxiety, overweight, and depression.

Unknowingly and by example, we teach the same path to our children, who are nowadays struggling with more stress-derived diseases and depression than ever before.

When we experience chronic stress for too long, we stop wanting, stop dreaming, and stop setting personal goals. We start to gradually lose interest in life and settle for filling the void with TV, food, alcohol, and pills.

Stop that! Life is precious and so are you.

I believe you have the right to burst out laughing in public or dress as if you’re going to a party. I believe in the right to have the desire to grow and learn independence, even if your partner chooses not to. I believe divorce can also be a blessing if we’re willing to learn the lessons behind a difficulty.

I believe you have permission to be you; to express your unique creativity; and to grow younger, stronger, wiser, and more beautiful instead of old, tired, and obsolete. I believe in giving yourself permission to live life being fully you and not terrified of society.

This New Year’s Eve, keep your hopes and dreams alive. I want to encourage you to welcome the surge of energy of a new romance, regardless of its nature. It could be writing that book you always wanted to or saving money for that trip you always dreamt of.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you have no right to reach a higher potential each year that you’re alive. Fuel your life with dreams and personal goals. You’ll see that when you’re happy, everything else works perfectly, simply because life happens for you.


1) You’ll need courage. If it helps you to feel better, we all experience fear of moving forward, but successful people know courage is essential in our lives. Without courage, we wouldn’t be exploring outer space in search of the continuation for humanity. You must strive to gain courage and dare to live your life and be happy.

2) You need to realize your potential isn’t limited by age, race, or past circumstances, but by your limiting ideas. For example, if you want to live your life fully to its last drop, you need to change your old ideas of growing older. In past generations, a 50-year-old was expected to be old, walk slower, and dress accordingly. Today, we know that growing older can mean becoming better than ever in every single way.

I know it can be hard to realize this, but it’s true! Our limiting beliefs of how much we’re allowed to have or enjoy rule us. Dare to change them. Take the first step to prove them wrong. You’ll be amazed.

3) Explore your talents. You were born with a unique expression; have fun with it, embrace it, and share it.

4) Place your mental and physical well-being at the top of the list. The effect cascade will benefit your loved ones effortlessly.

5) Apply self-discipline and transform your dreams, breaking them into many goals. This will be the magic wand to make them real.

6) Welcome change! When we stop resisting the new, we gain opportunity for some amazing adventures in our lives. We’ll all end up in the same place, so stop living in your comfort zone; embrace adventure.

7) Pursue balance in everything you do. Balance is a powerful force; a force that will keep you strong and harmonious.

8) Finally, take setbacks as lessons that will only make you stronger and more authentic.

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