You are the hidden secret

We want money, we want to feel love, we want health; ideally, we wish healthy and smart children, we want success in our lives; however, somewhere along the road, we get discouraged start losing hope for our wishes to happen. We start looking outside of ourselves in search of the key that will provide us with what we need. We search for God’s help, but we seek outside of ourselves; and why not, if what we want seems to be out of sight. It is pretty understandable, logical to a point.

We see some people get their dreams fulfilled and others don’t. It seems unfair, even some of these lucky people think it is unjust. As if there is a roll of dice, or perhaps a hidden secret, but somehow everything in the universe is teaching us that there is logic behind the mystery. Even the sinister black holes are seeds to new galaxies and planets. There must be a hidden secret that ties everything around.

Have you realized that it could be you the missing element to all your wishes? Perhaps you like me wonder, how can it be about me? It seems we are pretty egocentric enough.

Like many others, I became spiritual after a significant fall in my life. I felt forced to search somewhere new, perhaps inside, or die. Has it happened to you? Personally, I realized, I was like a little girl inside the body of a woman. I had not grown inside. I needed to become responsible for my life. It was then I changed the focus from demanding and making a tantrum when I was not getting what I wanted, just like a spoiled girl, to earn, and when you own, you call the shots.

Since I began working on my personal progress, I have seen in myself and in others amazing synchronicities that I interpreted as divine guidance that is taking me to live levels of joy I never imagined. It was then I understood you are the hidden secret.

The movie The Secret shares it is in the power of your thoughts what you think, you become. Tony Robbins, famous author, entrepreneur and life coach say, “Life happens for you.” I believe both ideas are right. When we do our job and our passion our self-improvement, greater things happen to us. Because maybe, after all, that is what we are doing here, learning.

It is no coincidence that when you read the biographies of those that have accomplished great things, you will see they are the critical component to their success. Whether it was courage, self-discipline, persistence, resilience or self-confidence, these were the keys of their success, not a roll of dice. It was through them building character.

There is something magical about us. When we start working on ourse

lves, our luck changes overall. For example, it was until I accepted I felt racism towards me, that I stopped experiencing racism from others daily. Isn’t it intriguing? When we end running and being less apprehensive in our daily affairs, less fearful events happen to us? I know it is hard to believe. But, try it for yourself; you don’t have anything to lose. However, you have to know growth is not for free. There is work to be done. For example, you want money, how deserving do you feel you are? It is tough to feel this way and fake it when you have not earned it.

What is truly powerful is that the changes you do in your life will affect your legacy! If you pass this teaching to your children, this will be their most significant legacy.

In conclusion, you are the mastermind of the universe. It will be so sad you had not realized you can accomplish everything you wish by becoming your best. Work on yourself. Wake up, we are no victims, we are entirely the result of our ideas, beliefs, and acts.

Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. Feed it hope, feed it truth, and feed it love. Work on your progress as an evolved human being and the world you will be yours.

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