The perfect place to meditate

Some ten years ago, I was a newbie in meditation. I had tried to meditate, and I found it so compelling that I wanted more. I was so eager to learn as much as I could. I bought many books on the topic, and I was devouring information. One of my first questions as a well-known shopaholic was, what tools or equipment do I need to buy? ☺

I attended a Buddhist temple in search for the answer, and I asked some monks that were having a conversation, excuse me, where is your meditation store, I need to buy all I need to meditate? They could not avoid but a gentle giggle, and responded to me, “all you need, is your mind.”☺

Recently I received an email from a young man asking me if I knew of a beautiful local place to meditate in the winter months in Wisconsin; he was looking for a place where he could find peace. I recalled that incident back then, and I sent as a reply, a photo of my chair in my bedroom, as to what I said, “the perfect place to find peace is in your mind and heart.

I felt motivated to address this question today.

In reality, our mind is a place of its own. It is here where we can find heaven, but also hell. It is here where the work has to be done if we want to live peacefully on earth.

We don’t need anything material to go in there, as it is our essential nature. We can benefit from a few items, like timers, oils, candles, soft sounds to help us reach that place; however, the most essential tips for finding peace in your meditation are explained as follows:

Four essential things you need for a successful meditation

• The most important things you need is to become aware that it is your responsibility only, to find peace, and of no one else. If you want to change anything in their world, it is in you that it has to start, and this is in your mind.

• Once you have realized only you are responsible for your life, you need to have a burning desire to progress and leave unhealthy thinking patterns behind.

• An intention for your meditation. This will determine the meditation form you will choose. Are you looking only to relax? Do you want to heal some of your perceptions? Do you want to develop awareness, perhaps concentration and focus, or do you need to know yourself at a deeper level?

• You will need to develop self-discipline. This means, no excuses to take time for your meditation.

Finally, I would recommend; oils, candles, comfortable cloth, and perhaps a journal to write about your insights are excellent choices.

I am wishing you all success in your meditation journey.

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