The best time of your life

I believe that the desire of progress is the most valuable asset of humanity. In life, nothing is static; we progress, or we decline.

Recently, I visited the town where my mom was raised somewhere in Mexico. As we arrived, everything looked the same as I remembered, just a little worse. My mom said, “I hate coming here. It’s the same but a bit uglier.” My brother shared, “It’s just that the town reached its peak and stopped growing. Personally, I think people get stuck in nostalgia and try to keep things like they were in the good old days.

Ironically, as soon as we arrived at my mom's house, she played the music she had always played since I can remember, as she said out loud, “Ah! Those days were great.” We get stuck in those good old days and don’t realize that we have great potential and that the best of our lives is yet to come if we allow it.

A lady I know used to be always nervous and had a scared look on her face. She would always look down and was extremely shy. I saw her at her husband’s funeral some years ago, and as we hugged, she said, “I don’t worry, I’m happy, and I’m looking forward to my new life in freedom.” Today, she’s 82 years old, has found romance again, wears bright red lipstick, began traveling with her boyfriend, riding a motorcycle, and is smiling more radiant than ever.

The goal of this blog is to encourage you to realize that the best of your life is potentially out there when you’re willing to change the outdated idea that your best days are gone.

Progress is an opportunity in which, at every moment of your life, at every breath, you can choose to be healthier, happier, stronger, and wiser than the day before. When you embrace change, magic is waiting to happen.


• The quality of your meals is number one. Your body is mostly the result of what you eat.

• Embrace the idea that the body grows stronger if you exercise it, no matter how old you are. A common social misperception is that you’ll become slow with age and need help from someone when you’re old. This only happens because you stop moving and enabling the body.

• Take advantage of new discoveries that delay the aging process, for example, vitamins. A wide array of new vitamins are available that do wonders for the body.

• Make your number one priority to live stress free. This doesn’t mean that you’ll do fewer activities; it means to take the fear out of your activities. Know your day-to-day fears and confront them, handle them, and see if they’re caused by a misinterpretation in your perception.

• Nurture friendships always. Friendship is vital for laughter and companionship without obligation.

• Learn to handle your emotions. Be open to the possibility that your face reflects anger, sadness, and frustration. Not because you feel them, you have to let them lead your life. Emotions change like the weather.

• Let go of long-held preconceived ideas, such as family should always be together on holidays, divorce is always a bad decision, I can only love once, the happiest times are in childhood, and so on. These ideas just limit your capacity to live a more joyful and free life.

• Live more carefree. Don’t be so concerned about all the potential environmental dangers to getting cancer such as aluminum, the sun, and microwaves. Have you considered the source of the disease might be negative thoughts and feelings?

• As in the four agreements, be impeccable with your thoughts, not just with your words. Your mind is like a computer; anything you see, listen to, read, and take for real will influence your life significantly.

• Be open to adventure. Do things you always wished you could do, but were afraid to do. It doesn’t have to involve money; it could be as easy as learning to handstand, learning a new language, or learning how to play an instrument. Don’t forget your life will one day end. Go for it now.

• Never stop having hopes and dreams. When these are gone, your life lacks purpose, and you might be opening up to fatal disease.

Never give up on the idea that the best of your life is yet to come.

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