Why is it vital to start your day with meditation?

I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t take time to meditate. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I told you I’d be struggling with severe mental health problems, surviving on pills, suffering from an addiction, or grappling with any other type of attachment.

The one essential thing I’m grateful for is realizing that my wellbeing depends a lot on me and my attitude, and that my meditation time has giving me the opportunity to make changes wisely.

My meditation practice has evolved in different ways. It first began with the intention to reduce my stress levels. Later on, it took a turn to increase my self-esteem. It then turn into a spiritual practice. And, today, it’s all of that and much more. Personally, my practice is a time during which I take responsibility for my thoughts, actions, and overall perception. In this moment, I stop being a victim of circumstances and, instead, recognize that I am a powerful being, capable of creating and experiencing a beautiful life.

When is the optimal time to practice meditation?

It starts in the morning. During this time, you can plant seeds of positive encouragement for the day ahead. For me, it’s my sacred time to clean the clutter of any negative thoughts. It’s a time “to empty the garbage” so to speak. With a clean mind, it’s easier to set intentions for the day that are based on passion and not fear.

The mornings are essential because the tone for your whole day is set then. It’s like choosing the lens you will see your challenges through, or like bringing a mental umbrella for a rainy day that forms a protective shield against negativity. It’s your opportunity to dream, but also to become aware of the sacredness of each day that will never come back.

Today, I can say that the one most important goal of a meditation practice is to become aware. This is all that matters, to become aware that I am much more than my body, that I possess unimaginable power in my mind. Realize that this present life will end one day, and that you have this amazing opportunity to live it to its maximum potential.

When you meditate daily, you become aware of your fears and how these paralyze your life. Awareness is the key. You need to be become aware of how you have given authority to detrimental ideas that block you from living joyfully. Then, one day, you’ll feel as if you had begun to wake up from a profound dream. This reminds me of the movie Inception, where people are living their lives so deeply in their dreams, that they’ve lost awareness of what’s real.

Only fifteen minutes in the morning will transform your life, guaranteed.

Start your day right by scheduling personal time; it’s more important than anything. Give this to yourself. It’s your time to establish your relationship of love with yourself. It’s a time in which you renew by choice your vows with yourself.

The best thing is that this amazing practice can be done anytime during the day! This means you can shift anytime you need to, and perhaps this has been, for me, the greatest gift.

What form of meditation to choose?

It’s up to you. I know this isn’t what you want to hear. You want a clear pointer, and I’ll give you a few ideas, but, one day, you’ll search inside you, and follow your own way of becoming aware.

Meditation is not limited to listening to mantras, following beautiful guided directions, gazing at a candle, or even being in stillness. Meditation is a way to nurture your “wake up” and not live only in your thoughts.

Some ideas to meditate on are as follows:

• Express your gratitude for everything you have. Write a list of all things you are grateful for. Do this until you feel inside that something has changed: your attitude. In difficult times, realize you always have reasons to be grateful. After all, things can always be worse.

• If you’re struggling with a challenge, search in meditation to understand the lessons behind it. Ask yourself, what you have learned? You’ll be surprised with the answers that may come. Perhaps your lesson is to live fully, not get attached to anyone, be more patient, or let go of old ideas that are harmful to your well-being.

• Ask yourself, “What am I feeling?” It’s amazing how we lose awareness of how we feel. We don’t realize the feelings of anger boiling underneath, guilt, or the sadness from a disappointment. We may be experts in covering up; however, these feelings will bring more of the same if we don’t deal with them. You can deal with them now and learn to distinguish them. Once you know what they are, ask yourself, “Are these emotions justified, or have they originated from old ideas that aren’t true?”

• Ask yourself, “How is my self-confidence doing? Do I honestly trust myself? Or have I begun to doubt my power?”

• For advance meditators, work with your chakras. Keep asking questions such as: “How is my sense of belonging? What can I do to feel I belong? Why am I experiencing guilt? Is it justified? What can I do to change this perception?” Write a list of your accomplishments. Do you believe in yourself? What can you do to earn this feeling? Is it a lack of discipline? Or is it coming from old ideas? What sadness have you not processed yet? Do you trust in a divine direction and go with the flow when you want to accomplish something? Or do you force your will amidst obstacles? Are you dramatizing your current challenges? Do you pray for wisdom?

These are some questions that are connected to your chakras. You will be amazed at the results of your heightened awareness.

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