What I believe

One day after the collapse of an ego image, I realized for the first time that life included different levels of awakening, in which I was very much asleep and dreaming.

In this dream, judgment, punishment for myself and others was at the forefront of my low consciousness. I had not realized how much pain I had given myself and others because of these beliefs which were like cemented roads in my brain.

I had lost awareness of how much was I embedded in thinking instead of living the miracle of life.

I had given illusionary inner monsters such as fear and shame, power over me.

As not everything was bad, I had searched my resources such as strength and courage to free myself from this slavery. What I found is that we create our world mostly in our minds. It is a certain mentality, that keeps us in poverty. A certain mentality keeps us in victimhood.

To me, it became clear, we are not alone. We are at school learning to evolve into more advanced beings. With great power comes great responsability, and it requires of different values such as strength, courage, compassion, self-discipline and resilience among others.

Is passion a virtue or can it be a vice? Is inspiration and happiness to be found or is it an innate quality of being a human soul, and, if so, how can we access it? Are we the bosses of our thoughts or have we become the slaves of thinking?

Can tools such as meditation or even prayer ensure that we have optimal health, joy, and happiness, or is there a higher purpose in how we live our daily lives and make decisions?


Answers to profound questions such as these and other evocative ideas are part of what you can expect when you read Beginners Guide to Happiness: 15 Secrets for a Richer, More Fulfilling Life. 


In this book, you will find hope, but, more than that, you will find new views to realize yourself as a powerful being. And with great power comes responsibility and lessons to be learned. I’m sure that anyone who is willing to read with an open mind, will benefit from the content of this book. May you find joy in the experience of being alive.

"I realized Love (unconditional good will) and Service gives us the greatest joy in life; I know this first hand."