Two tips for Success

I believe that the majority of people want to be successful in one way or another. Some of us want it at a conscious level, while others chase it subconsciously, but most of us want to feel that sense of wellbeing that comes with the growth of our potential that we call success.

Success can embody so many things, just ask a Tibetan monk, and you will get a different point of view. For now, I would like to share with you my perception of what success means, and take whatever resonates with you to boost your motivation for continuous growth.

To me, success is the knowledge of being a lovable being made up of energy and unlimited potential of creativity, and that wants to be something, ready to expand. Success also includes good health, positive relationships and the satisfaction of providing a positive service for others. For the purpose of this blog, I will focus on the personal development and wellbeing. After all, few things in life are as beautiful as a flower blooming to its fullest.

Getting there has not been easy at all. Some authors teach you that you already are that loving being and you don’t have to do anything to deserve it, meanwhile others believe you have to work for it.

While I see truths to both, my experience has taught me that the pleasure of taking responsibility and working for it provides you the greatest joys. Perhaps because that is what we are meant to do, grow in spite of challenges.

In this earthly adventure, we know service is essential to life, but often we fall in a trend of pleasing others, amid our wellbeing, possibly in the unconscious search for love or approval. While service is vital to success, it is indispensable to remember success begins with the well-being of the individual.

Success is not a destination, but it can be a way of life. My intention as a teacher is to plant the seed of progress and wellbeing in people’s hearts and minds so that we can live a more balanced and prosperous life.

In these modern days, we are overloaded with information. Lists of chores make it hard for us to remember our personal care and growth to success, especially when we are dealing with immediate problems such as bills, work demands, relationship problems, lack of money and more. All of these are valid excuses, however having a growth strategy in place will provide you long-term benefit and success, instead of just attending the details that will give short relief, but will keep you stuck and can potentially direct you in decline.

How can I convince you of the importance of investing in yourself for your success? Most of the time we don’t listen to the experience of others and learn from them, instead, we choose to experience it ourselves, but if we would listen, we could make fewer mistakes.

A little bit of my background

I want to remind you that I come from Mexico. My parents had only elementary school. I was a smoker at an early age, and I flunked high school three times in private schools, not a very promising life, however, my mother embedded in me a rough idea of progress.

It was like "Give me the task, and I will do it", always reaching higher, learning more languages and pursing more goals, and so I did, but in the process, I forgot to take care of me and to grow from the inside out. I paid the consequences of it in many different ways, from overweight to insomnia, anxiety, disease, and more. It was expected, after all, my mother, brother and aunts suffer from diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and most of them were overweight. In this world, in which most still believe disease is genetic and not a lifestyle result, I felt doomed.

I struggled with relationships due to my impatience, and frustrations. I pleased other peoples wishes against my own, many times making me loose my own happiness.

Somewhere along the line, I began to look at me, and I took responsibility for my success. I read many books, and I LISTENED and practiced patiently and consistently, and I obtained results. I am healthy and fit as never before in all aspects of my life.

From one of these teachings, I want to share one of my favorites that will help live your life successfully, from the inside out.


1. We either move up or down, Jeff Olson author from The Slight Edge shares, there is no treading water in life, no running in place because everything is in motion, If you are not improving, enriching, building – if you are not adding assets to your personal and professional value every day, then you are heading down the curve. Where are you going?

Your health UP / DOWN

Your personal development* UP / DOWN

Your happiness UP / DOWN

Your career UP / DOWN

Your finances UP / DOWN

*For personal development I refer to conscious pursuit of personal growth by expanding self-awareness and knowledge and improving personal skills and human virtues such as patience, self discipline, courage among others.

2. Take a Decision. Based on your answers above, make a decision, make it a goal and set up a strategy and act now. If you don’t act on it, it will just remain as a nice thought. You cannot control life, but you can direct your attitude and effort towards growth and with it success. In the words of Tony Robbins, “New life comes from New decisions.”

Best of luck in your journey of success

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