Are you ready to rejuvenate?

Evolution is defined as the change in the heritable characteristics of biological populations over generations. I strongly believe it is possible for us to accelerate our evolution. The consequence of evolution is a better you in body, mind and soul. I firmly believe it’s possible for a new generation to change the parameters of age and live younger and stronger lives. If you don’t believe me and stop reading, you might be losing the opportunity to rejuvenate. Stay with me for a little while.

13 years ago, an older man I had recently met through his wife, approached me at the end of a public presentation I had given about raising funds for a community program. Very kindly, he asked me, “May I share something of importance I saw in you today?” I knew he was a pastor for a church and the husband of one of my employees, so I felt I had no choice but to say yes. He then said, “The woman I saw talking today [referring to me], I don’t give her more than ten years of life. Is that what you want?” I can’t recall the details of what I thought then, but I listened. He then invited me to come one evening and talk to him, I felt a bit obligated because they were very kind people and I knew his wife, so I went to their home.

When I arrived, I expected a sermon, but to my surprise, he said, “I want to talk to you about stress.” He used a rubber band to illustrate his point, as he pulled it until it broke.

He must have made a great impression on me because the next day I began searching for solutions to my stress. This conversation inspired me to find meditation.

I went through a transformation and began to slowly change. First, I became more aware of my undisciplined mind, then I was genuinely interested in wellbeing, and so on. About 4 years ago, I encountered him again. When he saw me, he looked at me in disbelief and began walking around me, trying to understand what had happened to me, “What are you doing?” he asked. “You look so peaceful. Your face changed; even your facial features are softer.” I told him that I started meditating.

Once we pass the 40s, a series of changes begin to occur in our bodies, and we begin to accept the facts of aging. Nails become brittle, we start losing hair, and we begin a battle with very stubborn pounds. I know because it happened to me.

However, a year ago, I started a major transformation in my awareness, my philosophy of life and became determined to grow in responsibility, self-discipline, and courage. I began setting goals for it, and what happened astonished me; I grew younger!

I changed my entire diet to a healthier one. I dedicated 10 minutes of exercise every day with no expectations other than growing in self-discipline, but I grew stronger! In fact, I’m now stronger than I’ve ever been!

Next, I began taking vitamins to help my body, and, to my astonishment, new nails, new hair, and new skin began to emerge. I set the goal to soften my facial features with less judgment and less fear and above all, I began to dream again. Everyone I talked to guessed I was 10 years younger. People I hadn’t seen in a long time said things like, “You look like you went through cosmetic surgery!”

My conclusion is that yes, the metabolism slows down with age, but only because we stop thriving, and, as a result, our brains adapt to that speed, sedentary.

Our minds get foggy because we stop nurturing awareness and memory, and we blame it on age. The skin deteriorates because we’re not nurturing ourselves from the inside out. Creams can do very little, because a good skin comes from within.

The inside I refer to means not only nourishing our cells with nutrients but also nourishing our hearts with positive emotions. Sadness is noticeable in the face as well as anger and hatred. A poor liver function is reflected in the face, no matter what creams you use. Nurturing ourselves from the inside out is the best investment we can pursue.

Today, I can confidently say, I’m looking younger than years ago! I’m stronger than I was in my twenties, and I’m happier that I’ve ever been. You can be too, if you’re willing to open up to the possibility of rejuvenation. How much would you give for more years of youth?

How to Rejuvenate?

First, it’s essential to believe that this is absolutely possible.

The most important asset is your level of commitment to self-discipline.

Change your diet completely if you aren’t already eating healthy. Any food you put in your mouth counts, even if it’s not noticeable in the moment. Food can potentially be the slowest medicine or the slowest form of poison.

The body is an amazingly advanced laboratory, help it to thrive by adding vitamins that will convert food into energy, bolster your immune system, balance your hormones and repair cell damage.

Drink water! Plenty of it.

Practice exercise three to five times a week. Heavy weight lifting or many hours in the gym aren’t necessary; 15-20 minutes will do magic, but only if you’re constant. Don’t negotiate with your mind; just get up and do it.

The rejuvenation takes approximately six months, so hang tight. It’s just like watering new seeds; it will take time, but it will bloom once more.

Nourish your heart with positive thoughts and feelings. Renew your dreams! Having dreams will keep you young.

Become determined to live your life passionately.

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