The Price for Happiness


If we look closer at life, we can see everything comes with a price.

My graduating from law school came with a price; becoming an author came with a price. CEOs pay a price for their leadership positions, and so it goes for every aspects of life, such as the price we pay for having a slim fit body or for being overweight, the price we pay for getting married, the price we

pay for having children and being a stay-at-home mom or working mom, and even the price we pay for living, which is dying, as the saying goes, “No one comes out of this one alive.”

Why would happiness be an exception?

We blame society, politics, our parents, our genes, or lack of money for our unhappiness. Could it be that we’re just not aware that everything comes with a price, as we just saw above. Even our health has been proven to be just 10% genetics and 90% the result of lifestyle, as explained by Dr. Bruce Lipton, cell biologist and author of The Biology of Belief.

In this blog, I would like to explore and share my perspective of the price for happiness. But first I would like to discuss happiness with you.

What is Happiness?

Defining happiness is a great challenge, as we can all have different perspectives on the meaning; however, I think most of us can agree that there are a few elements that are essential for happiness. I’m talking about ingredients such as a sense of pride in your achievements or that of your loved ones, a sense of security, feeling love for someone or something, a sense of balance between work and pleasure, and optimal health. When we have these elements, then we experience happiness. This sense of happiness isn’t permanent, although it could be a lifestyle choice, a philosophy of life, and a way of experiencing this life if only we are willing to pay the price.

How can we feel a sense of pride for work we haven’t done? If we haven’t learned self-control and are constantly being pulled by temporary pleasures that cause us to pay the price with poor mental and physical health, how can we experience ongoing happiness?

If we struggle for days and weeks with insomnia because of our choice of lifestyle, how can we achieve happiness?

If we set up unrealistic goals beyond the scope of our training, how can we feel satisfaction and happiness?

If we’re afraid to love for fear of being hurt, how can we call it happiness?

If we’re constantly afraid of change or expressing our deeper self and choose to fake it instead, how can we be happy?

Paying the Price for Happiness

Societies in general struggle with a sense of victimization and lack of responsibility, we all want to be fit, proud, and happy, but not everyone is willing to do what is needed. If we can agree that living in a healthy and optimal body opens us to experience happiness, that achieving our dreams or seeing our loved ones achieve their dream opens the way to a deep sense of pride and happiness, and that the feeling of love is the greatest experience and offers us happiness, why don’t we ask ourselves, “What do I need to do to get that? What is the price for it?” I will like to discuss some of the most important prices we need to pay for happiness.

We all know that exercising the body is good, right? It’s a consensus. Then, why don’t we all do it? We know that overeating isn’t healthy for our bodies; however, we do it? We know that thinking positive thoughts makes us feel good, but, most often, we don’t? Why? Why don’t we become responsible for maintaining our body in optimal condition? This is one price for happiness.

Having dreams and making them into goals provides us with the greatest sense of pride and satisfaction for our labor; we all know this, yet we don’t do it. Why?

Are you willing to pay the price? Start by asking yourself the following questions: Am I responsible of myself, or have I given someone or something else the responsibility of my life? How is my level of self-discipline?

Our world is in development. Without responsibility and self-discipline, success and happiness aren’t possible. Period. These are some of the prices for happiness. Do you have what it takes?

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