Are you still wondering what your life purpose is?

Everything in the universe seems to have an intention of being. The idea of the surviving fittest versus the weak can be well based on the power of its drive to exist, also called purpose.

We are all cells living inside a body called humanity. If we learn from them, we can observe that the cells of our bodies are intelligent and learn to a

dapt. Cells go where they are needed, where they can fulfill their purpose, not where they stubbornly want, for humanity to exist. All body cells come from stem cells, and for some magical reason, some go the brain, some to the liver, and other ones make up the skin. On what basis do they know where to go? In my perception, they go to where they’re needed for the entity to survive and thrive. They follow the need to exist, not to destroy, to serve the entire body with what they do best. Humans, as cells of humanity also learn to help creation succeed. Service seems then one aspect of the purpose of life, but there seem to be more.

We have always heard from visionaries and leaders that having a well-defined vision of our purpose is key to success. Many of us still struggle to know it precisely or else, we know it, yet, we forget due to our vices or due to the everyday hassle.

We suffer as if from amnesia and often we can’t remember why is it that we started a project, or took a particular route in the first place. When we live this way for too long, we lose the sense of purpose to our existence. When this happens, we can experience lack of motivation and fatigue in our daily lives. We lose track of the direction we once sailed and land in a dark mental place that can cause us a state of anxiety or even a sense of depression.

Significant studies about happiness, such as the one recently illustrated on the cover of the Times Magazine over the blue zones book or better said “Happy Zones in the World,” finds as a common denominator to happy people, to have a sense of purpose. This statement is no secret. We all intuitively know that a lack of meaning in our lives can make us feel lost and even sad.

Having a clear purpose in our lives is like navigating with a full tank through our existence, a drive so strong that can carry us through space and gives us wings to overcome any difficulties.

A useful metaphor for knowing our purpose would be like the rope guiding us through a dark tunnel that can lead us to a promising beautiful place or the line that helps us climb that hill that will bring us to the top and give us physical strength and a sense of pride. Knowing our purpose is like a lamp in the dark. However, the majority of us lose track of this sense of purpose many times through our lives, this way, we end up in frustrating jobs, losing our freedom of choice and living average lives, denying our potential.

Knowing your purpose transforms into energy, and it has the potential to manifest things from the un-manifested, from the invisible to the visible, just like magicians. Following your purpose is being who you are and offering your service to the world, with a joyful heart.

Distinguishing aspects of your purpose

I know it sounds easy to distinguish our purpose to our lives, and it is not always the case. It can get tricky, considering the different aspects of life and the millions of options in front of our eyes. After careful meditation, I would like to help you discern and be clear in knowing your purpose in life by revising the following aspects of your humanity.

These aspects or ingredients are as follows:

1) Taking responsibility for the maintenance of the physical body as well as the mental wellbeing

2) Recognizing what gives us a sense of joy.

3) The use of our most developed talents, knowledge or abilities put into service.

1. Taking responsibility for the maintenance of the physical body as well as the mental wellbeing: Our most important responsibility or purpose is the care of our physical and psychological well-being. Without our existence, there is no purpose to fulfill. Many still have not realized that a healthy lifestyle might not kill you because you eat one bad meal, or have a few cigarettes, or because you hold grudges, but in living your life with bad habits every day, it can potentially limit the length and quality of your life. Taking responsibility for our wellbeing is an essential element of a happy life and a beautiful purpose to fulfill, to take good care of yourself.

2. Recognizing what gives us a sense of joy: Finding what gives you pleasure is surprisingly difficult for some. Perhaps it has to do with the many choices in front, or in the level of honesty with yourself. Some may say, I would like to travel the world, yet they have never pursued even going to the largest closest city to their homes. Others can say, “dance at a ballet,” yet they never dance in their living rooms. The question is what causes you honestly personal joy?

3. What are your most developed talents? Perhaps you love painting, but you are a better natural cook than anything else. I love oil painting, but I am honestly a much better writer. We can learn from our cells and go where we are needed to fulfill what we do best.

An example of my purpose

There are a few ingredients that can help us identify our purpose. I will use mine to illustrate more clearly.

I have decided to exercise my body like an athlete to take good care of this temporary body, I meditate and choose positive thoughts as possible as a way to take care of my mind and have chosen to eat like a nutritionist. I am respectful of my sleeping times, making sure I can sleep like a baby. Ingredient #1

(Responsibility for my physical body.)

I found joy in so many things, but I have to say that among my wildest dreams has been to have had interesting conversations worth my lifetime, such as having been able to have conversations with Rumi ☺, or speaking with Martin Luther King, speaking with Deepak Chopra or speaking to crowds. I have to admit; speaking gives me great pleasure.

Another one of my joys is dancing and also traveling to exciting new places. I can say that I dance five days a week before my exercises routine and I had the privilege to live in different countries that mine, that while challenging, were also enriching and exciting. I have an adventurous heart, and I enjoy playing life as Forrest Gump enjoys ping pong. Ingredient #2 (What gives me joy?)

For me to fulfill this playtime and other pleasures such as cloth and a nice car, I need an income. I need to be economically independent or else pay the price of freedom by becoming dependant on someone else’s budget. Therefore, I utilize my most developed talents in service to humanity, get paid for it, and have fun in my life. Ingredient #3 (The use of my most developed talents in service)

All this is possible to achieve if you add the essential spices to your recipe, which are: honesty, responsibility, discipline, consistency, patience, and balance.

Maybe its time to bring total honesty to the world, and be fully you.

My purpose statement

To prioritize my physical and psychological well-being to be able to live my potential. In wellbeing, I can then produce energy in the form of money and get to explore life to my wishes, while being a tool of service to my children and anyone in need through the use of my talents such as: intuitively speaking, writing and the ability to motivate others.

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