Are you ready to Evolve?

When I look back at the course of my life, I see there was always a constant choice to grow into a better version of me. Sometimes I took it, most times I did not, and I went in the path of giving my power away and saw myself as a victim. I lost precious opportunities to success and happiness in my life. Many of us tend to go through the same routes as I did. It is in our bad habits such as laziness, cowardliness, and instant gratification addictions among many others that keep us away from reaching the potential of our beings. These habits have the power to sink us into a weak self-esteem, self-doubt, and shame, which often results in poor decisions and unhappiness. From my part, I did not know back then that I could reach high and feel as if capable of touching the stars. I did not think I could always be proud of being me, regardless of my race, height, or wealth. I had not realized that I had so much potential within my reach. I wish I could have seen this in my youth, but I was not able to see that it was a matter of taking responsibility, instead of choosing blame, and at that time, I was still as if asleep. Every day we are invited to grow in virtues, leave vice behind and live our potential; the invitation is always there, perhaps our vision gets focused solely on the obstacles blocking our dreams. Maybe the lack of trust in ourselves disregards our options to choose. But what can awaken us from a deep sleep?

The most potent teacher is quite often "real struggle," it puts us face to face with an ultimate choice, and at one point we can decide to take the leap, hold tight and take responsibility to grow. It was my struggle that prompted me to create a drive so powerful to work on my habits and replace them with virtues. Suddenly I realized so much of me had changed that I barely recognized myself, and then I called it Evolution.

I call for Evolution to live healthier, to grow stronger, and have a healthy sense of pride in being ourselves, to have a profound sense of purpose to our existence, to struggle less and welcome more joy and laughter into our lives. As for me, I saw my overall health improve; I grew stronger, more resilient, more disciplined and I was able to be a better captain of my ship, adjusting the sails to harness the winds and find joy in living.

Today, even when I feel great, I realize life’s purpose at its core is service. Therefore I am choosing to help those who want to help themselves. My wish is to make a revolution of consciousness and show the paths that will reduce unnecessary suffering and stagnation in my fellow beings.

For the rest of my life, I want to dedicate to the Evolution of oneself, starting with me. I want to continue to expand in vision, discipline, strength, courage, resilience, gratitude and more. This concept is the renewed message I bring to the people attending my presentations. It is an invitation to your evolution, thus feeling healthier, growing stronger, prouder, struggling less and enjoying more.

If this path resonates with you, saying yes to your evolution is a great start. In the following weeks, a new blog with the purpose to activate our evolution will be sent to your inboxes. It is my hope that you may find within it another piece of the puzzle to a better lifestyle and a joyful life.


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