Tips for Making Better Decisions

“Life is made of decisions” This has been my mother's motto as I was growing up. Another one of her favorite quotes was “Never leave for tomorrow what you can do today,” as you can imagine, most times I did it so. These philosophies of life allowed me to achieve many of my goals.

However, I fall in excess of taking impulsive decisions quite often, in fact almost always. Therefore, I realized through difficult lessons that taking quick decisions

can be a double edge sword. However, I have to add, that from all of those impulsive decisions I made, even when many of them were seen as “mistakes”, they brought me amazing lessons that helped me add value to my being, in such significance that I cannot say today these impulsive decisions did not empower me somehow, even if it involved some suffering.

From my lessons learned, I realized that making decisions based on my cultural beliefs, or my mother's desires or my family expectations were not satisfying to me, but instead a better choice were, those originated from my deep aspirations, my gut, my intuition and talents, that I was able to identify in moments of deep meditation.

In other words, It is better to make sure your decisions are yours, and not choices that others may have chosen for you, because it is vital that you realize that no one else but you, will live the consequences of these decisions. It is your right to free will, the greatest gift we were given. It is in taking decisions where everything happens, where we express our uniqueness and creativity.

Author and inspiring leader, Tony Robbins, emphasizes the act of taking decisions as an essential aspect of success. This is the philosophy that inspired me to write this blog post. My focus for this blog is to help you exercise your ability to take a decision that will allow personal success; understanding for success; the physical, mental, emotional and financial wellbeing.

Making Decisions is an Act of Courage

Most people fear taking decisions, as this represents “not playing it safe” and therefore seen as risky. However, the risk is also an act of courage that will allow us to advance and reach our goals. Fear paralyzes anyone or anything and brings along a sense of dissatisfaction.

When you choose to “freeze” you are making a fear based decision, one set in paradox. In business, nothing will test your leadership more than you’re your ability to make decisions. Great leaders practice decision making, and with this ability, they create magic.

Follow your aspirations by practicing making daily decisions, and see your life begin to bloom. Determining the right decision requires clarity and knowledge to help you be more assertive.

Tips for Making Assertive Decisions

• An excellent way for it is in the practice of daily meditation. Meditation can help you connect with your heart desires (your gut instincts, if you will), your truest motives, where the divine in you lives, therefore, warranting a life of satisfaction.

• Find a balance within your decision, and when in doubt, ask yourself.

Is the possible outcome convenient for me?

Is it pleasurable?

Are there any conscious or unconscious intentions of harming others?

• Ask yourself “Am I physically, emotionally and financially prepared for the challenge?” If not, then “What do I need to get there?” Organize your knowledge and other data, such as statistics. Maybe it is just a matter of timing, not a matter of choice. Perhaps it is a matter of preparation and patience. Obtaining prior knowledge will help you deal with the challenges that you might face ahead and will calm your insecurities.

• Make the decision. Set a date and act on it. Don’t fall prey to analysis paralysis as “Forbes” magazine points out in one of their business articles related to leadership and making decisions.

• Finally, always have a contingency plan knowing that circumstances can fall beyond control. If you don’t have a plan “B,” you may have a flawed plan.

I wish you all the luck in your journey!

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